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22nd July 2009

noirevalkyrie9:29am: XIX - veni, vidi, mori

+XIX - veni, vidi, moriCollapse )
Current Mood: thoughtful


17th July 2009

noirevalkyrie5:47pm: XVIII - Red Queen's Race

+XVIII - Red Queen's RaceCollapse )
Current Mood: confused


26th January 2009

noirevalkyrie10:51am: Briny Baracolle

+XVII - Briny BaracolleCollapse )
Current Mood: devious

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14th August 2008

noirevalkyrie7:50pm: Physiognomy
If there is a single quality that is shared by all great men, it is vanity. But I mean by "vanity" only that they appreciate their own worth. Without this kind of vanity they would not be great. And with vanity alone, of course, a man is nothing.

+ArtCollapse )
Current Mood: grateful

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20th July 2008

noirevalkyrie6:05pm: XVI - Panacea

+XVI - PanaceaCollapse )
Current Mood: distressed


28th June 2008

noirevalkyrie12:52pm: XV. Ipecac

+XV. IpecacCollapse )
Current Mood: uncomfortable


19th September 2007

noirevalkyrie3:53pm: XI. Rage Box

+XI. Rage BoxCollapse )
Current Mood: unsettled


7th August 2007

noirevalkyrie8:46pm: X. Electric Moon

+X. Electric MoonCollapse )
Current Mood: scared

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17th July 2007

noirevalkyrie7:17pm: IX. Ignis Fatuus

+IX. Ignis FatuusCollapse )
Current Mood: contemplative


15th July 2007

noirevalkyrie9:43am: VIII. Coffin Liquor
Current Mood: amused


8th June 2007

noirevalkyrie8:15pm: VII. Oranges & Lemons

+VII. Oranges & LemonsCollapse )
Current Mood: satisfied

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2nd June 2007

noirevalkyrie8:34pm: VI. Toxic Sandbox

+VI. Toxic SandboxCollapse )
Current Mood: distressed


12th May 2007

noirevalkyrie8:18am: IV. Syncopy

+IV. SyncopyCollapse )
Current Mood: aggravated

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2nd May 2007

noirevalkyrie11:43am: III. Storm in a Teacup

+III. Storm in a TeacupCollapse )
Current Mood: pensive

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1st May 2007

noirevalkyrie10:05pm: II. Imperialism
Current Mood: lazy

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29th April 2007

noirevalkyrie10:49am: I. Sogni Solitari
Current Mood: complacent

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27th April 2007

noirevalkyrie10:36am: Mise-en-Scene
To be matter of fact about the world is to blunder into fantasy -- and dull fantasy at that, as the real world is strange and wonderful.

+(Coming soon)
Current Mood: worried


13th April 2007

noirevalkyrie9:00am: Dramatis Personae
She was and is (what can there more be said?) On earth the first, in heaven the second maid.

Current Mood: quixotic

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